Our Services

Bahar Group, your trusted choice for studying in Turkey

We, Bahar Group, are the official representative of many Turkish universities. Bahar Group is an educational consultant agency that consists of a team of Turkish universities graduates. We have the experience and knowledge to offer international students the assistance they need to come to Turkey

Why Bahar Group?

We are an official representative and an agent of Turkish universities as a registered agency which operates under the Turkish laws and regulations.

Our Services

Educational Consultants

We offer educational consultants assisting students in choosing majors and universities.


Being a representative of the universities, we offer scholarships in the form of discounts on the annual tuitions of private universities varying from 10% to 100%. These scholarships aim to provide higher education to a wider variety of students.

Public Transportation

We provide our students with 60% student discount on public transportation (metro, metrobus,trams and ferries).

International Student

Providing consultations and legal aid in the procedure of becoming an international student in Turkey including: visas, students permits and insurance.

Medical Insurance

Free medical insurance.

English Test

Assistance and preparation for the standard English placement test.