Antalya Bilim University

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Antalya Bilim University is the first private university in the coastal city of Antalya.

The university was founded in 2012 and has received accreditation from the Turkish Ministry of Education and many international recognition.

More than 6 colleges, 4 graduate studies and two institutes have been opened, and English is used for teaching.



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Computer Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Electric and Electronic Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Industrial Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Civil Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Architecture Bachelor'sEN
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Bachelor'sEN
Law Bachelor'sEN And TR
Tourism and Hotel Management Bachelor'sEN
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Bachelor'sEN
Economics Bachelor'sEN
Business Administration Bachelor'sEN
Political Science and international Relations Bachelor'sEN
Psychology Bachelor'sEN
Pilotage Bachelor'sEN
Occupational Health and Safety Master'sTR
Civil Engineering Master'sTR
Business Administration Master'sTR
Master of Global Politics and International Relations Master'sEN
Global Politics and International Relations Master'sTR
Public Law Master'sTR
Private law Master'sTR