Altinbas University

Altinbas University

Wherever you are from, whatever you plan to study, our global reach, academic excellence and dedicated support can help you on the road to professional and personal success. Altinbas University has,

– Internationally recognized degrees
– More than 3700 international students from 84 countries (% 26,84 of the students are international)
– Links with more than 150 universities in 30 countries
– 53 Laboratories
– The largest health sciences campus among the universities in Turkey
– Top quality academic staff
– Extensive scholarship opportunities for international students
– Business partnerships with over 100 companies
– Internships, summer schools and study abroad opportunities
– Outstanding campus facilities

for support of your education. You have many reasons to choose Altinbas as your study destination. Make your application by clicking the apply button on our website and join us at Altinbas!


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Program Level Language Register Remove
Accounting and Finance Doctor's DegreeTR
Architecture Doctor's DegreeTR
Business Management Doctor's DegreeTR
Computer Engineering Doctor's DegreeTR
Civil Engineering Doctor's DegreeTR
English Language and Literature Doctor's DegreeEN
Food Engineering Doctor's DegreeTR
Food Safety Doctor's DegreeTR
Graphic Design Art Qualification Doctor's DegreeTR
Occupational Health and Safety Doctor's DegreeTR
Political Science and international Relations Doctor's DegreeEN
Prosthodontics Doctor's DegreeTR
Private law Doctor's DegreeTR
Public Relations and Publicity Doctor's DegreeTR
Turkish Language and Literature Doctor's DegreeTR
Dentistry Master'sEN
Architecture Master'sEN
Arts and Design Master'sTR
Biomedical Sciences Master'sEN
Civil Engineering Master'sEN
Clinical Periodontology Master'sEN
Electric and Electronic Engineering Master'sEN
Industrial Engineering Master'sEN
Information Technologies Master'sEN
International Relations Joint Degree PhD Master'sEN
International Trade Law Master'sTR
Master in Business Administration (MBA) Master'sEN And TR
Mechanical Engineering Master'sEN
Orthodontics Master'sEN
Pediatric Dentistry Master'sTR
Periodontology Master'sTR
Political Science and international Relations Master'sEN And TR
Public Law Master'sTR
Strategic Marketing and Brand Management Master'sTR
Justice DiplomaTR
Child Development DiplomaTR
Foreign Trade DiplomaTR
Graphic Design DiplomaTR
Occupational Health and Safety DiplomaTR
Business Administration DiplomaTR
Jewelry and Jewelry Design DiplomaTR
Health Services Management DiplomaTR
Social Service DiplomaTR
Civil Aviation Cabin Services DiplomaTR
Culinary DiplomaTR
Computer Programming DiplomaTR
Child Protection and Care Services DiplomaTR
Visual Communication DiplomaTR
Law Firm Management and Legal Secretarial DiplomaTR
Finance DiplomaTR
Civil Aviation Management DiplomaTR
Flight Operation Management DiplomaTR
Oral and Dental Health DiplomaTR
First Aid DiplomaTR
Anesthesia DiplomaTR
Radiotherapy DiplomaTR
Physiotheraphy DiplomaTR
Electro neurophysiology DiplomaTR
Medical Laboratory Techniques DiplomaTR
Medicine Bachelor'sEN
Dentistry Bachelor'sEN And TR
Pharmacy Bachelor'sEN
Economics Bachelor'sEN
International Relations Bachelor'sEN
Public Administration and Political Science Bachelor'sEN
Psychology Bachelor'sEN
Sociology Bachelor'sEN
Social Service Bachelor'sTR
Business Administration Bachelor'sEN
International Logistic Management Bachelor'sEN
International Trade Bachelor'sEN
Gastronomy Bachelor'sTR
Management Information Systems Bachelor'sTR
Health Care Managament Bachelor'sTR
Architecture Bachelor'sEN And TR
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Bachelor'sEN
Civil Engineering Bachelor'sEN And TR
Computer Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Electric and Electronic Engineering Bachelor'sEN And TR
Industrial Engineering Bachelor'sEN And TR
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Software Engineering Bachelor'sTR
Law Bachelor'sEN And TR
Turkish-German Law Bachelor'sEN
Fashion and Textile Design Bachelor'sTR
Graphic Design Bachelor'sTR
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Bachelor'sTR
Jewelry Design Bachelor'sTR
Cinema and Television Bachelor'sTR