Bilgi University

Bilgi University

Adopting the principle of ‘Non scholae, sed vitae discimus’ (learning not for school but for life), İstanbul Bilgi University took its place within the Turkish system of higher education as a civil corporation after the application made by the Bilgi Education and Culture Foundation on 7 June 1996 and the subsequent approval by the Turkish Grand National Assembly as per the Law number 4142.

Over time İstanbul Bilgi University has grown to encompass 3 campuses that cover nearly a total of 210,000 m², namely Kuştepe, Dolapdere and santralistanbul, where it continues to serve its students and the academic world in Turkey.

Having broken many new grounds in Turkey within 23 years, İstanbul Bilgi University had a long term partnership between 2006-2019 with Laureate Education, one of the largest international education networks in the world, with the aim of increasing the quality of education and research and becoming a university that can compete globally. In 2019, Can Holding joined the supporters of Bilgi Culture and Education Foundation.

The university currently has near 20,000 students and 45,000 alumni, approximately 1,500 academicians; 7 faculties, 3 institutes, 4 schools, 3 vocational schools, and 150+ programs that provide education to its associate, undergraduate and graduate students.



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Program Level Language Register Remove
Architecture Bachelor'sEN
Industrial Design Bachelor'sEN
Interior Design Bachelor'sEN
Civil Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Computer Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Electric and Electronic Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Energy Systems Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Genetics and Bioengineering Bachelor'sEN
Industrial Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Mathematics Bachelor'sEN
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Mechatronic Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Law Bachelor'sEN And TR
Comparative Literature Bachelor'sEN
European Union Studies Bachelor'sEN
History Bachelor'sEN
International Relations Bachelor'sEN
Music Bachelor'sEN
Psychology Bachelor'sEN
Political Science Bachelor'sEN
Sociology Bachelor'sEN And TR
Economics Bachelor'sEN
Business Administration Bachelor'sEN
Business - Economics Bachelor'sEN
Business Informatics Bachelor'sEN
Marketing Bachelor'sEN
International Finance Bachelor'sEN
International Trade and Business Bachelor'sEN
Advertising Bachelor'sEN And TR
Arts and Cultural Management Bachelor'sEN And TR
Management of Performing Arts Bachelor'sEN And TR
Media and Communication Bachelor'sEN And TR
Public Relations Bachelor'sEN And TR
Television Reporting and Programming Bachelor'sEN And TR
Visual communication Design Bachelor'sEN
Film and Television Bachelor'sEN
Communication Design and Management Bachelor'sEN
Digital Game Design Bachelor'sEN
Child Development Bachelor'sTR
Nursing Bachelor'sTR
Nutrition and Dietetics Bachelor'sTR
Physiotheraphy and Rehabilitation Bachelor'sTR
Fashion Design Bachelor'sEN
International Logistics and Transportation Bachelor'sEN
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Bachelor'sEN
Tourism and Hotel Management Bachelor'sEN
Sports Management Bachelor'sEN And TR
Aviation Management Bachelor'sEN And TR
European Studies Master'sEN
European Studies Double Degree Program Master'sEN
Electric and Electronic Engineering Master'sEN
Human Resource Management Master'sEN
MBA Master'sEN
eMBA (Online-Distant) Master'sEN
Cultural Management Master'sEN
Media and Communication Systems Master'sEN
Marketing Master'sEN
L.I.T.E. Master'sEN
International Political Economy Master'sEN
International Finance Master'sEN
International Relations Master'sEN
Accounting and Tax Practices DiplomaTR
Architectural Restoration DiplomaTR
Banking and Insurance DiplomaTR
Civil Air Transport Management DiplomaTR
Civil Aviation Cabin Services DiplomaTR
Computer Programming DiplomaTR
Construction Technology DiplomaTR
Cooking DiplomaTR
Cyber Security DiplomaTR
Fashion Design DiplomaTR
Graphic Design DiplomaTR
Interior Space Design DiplomaTR
Printing and Publication Technologies DiplomaTR
International Trade DiplomaEN
Public Relations and Advertising DiplomaEN
Audiometry DiplomaTR
Child Development DiplomaTR
Dental and Prosthesis Technology DiplomaTR
Dialysis DiplomaTR
Electro neurophysiology DiplomaTR
Emergency and Disaster Management DiplomaTR
First and Emergency Aid DiplomaTR
Medical Imaging Techniques DiplomaTR
Occupational Health and Safety DiplomaTR
Operating Room Services DiplomaTR
Opticianry DiplomaTR
Oral and Dental Health DiplomaTR
Pathology Laboratory Techniques DiplomaTR
Physiotheraphy DiplomaTR
Social Services DiplomaTR
Justice DiplomaTR