Okan University

Okan University

Okan University aims to build a bridge between the academic and the business world. To this end, the university enables students to work at firms as part of its Preparing for Business Life Program, starting from their freshman year. This program not only helps students to become familiar with business life and improve their knowledge and skills by putting theory into practice, but serves to motivate the students as well. Students who have successfully completed the Preparing for Business Life Program are presented with a participation certificate as well as other work experience certifications added to their diplomas when they graduate.

Featuring the finest in contemporary architecture, Akfırat Campus has all the features a modern university should have. Akfırat Campus is equipped with everything necessary to ensure that students are able to receive the most effective education possible. Our facilities include modern classrooms, computer and technical labs, a library, conference halls, a fitness center, a swimming pool, gymnasiums, cafeterias, and restaurants.

Another advantage of Okan University’s Akfırat Campus is its close proximity to Sabiha Gökçen Airport and the F1 Race Track. The campus also features a Social Center, opened in 2008, which houses a mini cinema, sauna, cafeteria, cocktail hall, shopping center, and student club rooms. What is more, the Sports Center, which includes a 400-person capacity gymnasium, a swimming pool, tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts as well as a soccer field, was designed so that students might spend their free time in the best way possible.

Okan University has dormitories for both male and female students. The dormitory facilities include study rooms, a dining hall, a cafeteria, a cleaning service, a laundry, a security team which is on duty day and night to ensure students’ safety throughout the dormitory premises, an infirmary with a doctor on hand 7/24, and wireless and cable internet.



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Program Level Language Register Remove
Medicine Bachelor'sEN
Medicine Bachelor'sTR
Dentistry Bachelor'sEN
Dentistry Bachelor'sTR
Nursing Bachelor'sTR
Nutrition and Dietetics Bachelor'sEN
Child Development Bachelor'sTR
Physiotheraphy and Rehabilitation Bachelor'sTR
Health Management Bachelor'sTR
Industrial Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Industrial Engineering Bachelor'sTR
Computer Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Electric and Electronic Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Civil Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Civil Engineering Bachelor'sTR
Mechatronic Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Geomatic Engineering Bachelor'sTR
Energy Systems Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Automotive Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Genetics and Bioengineering Bachelor'sEN
Software Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Food Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Bachelor'sTR
Industrial Product Design Bachelor'sTR
Cinema & Television Bachelor'sTR
Visual communication Design Bachelor'sTR
Architecture Bachelor'sEN
Architecture Bachelor'sTR
Psychology Bachelor'sEN
Sociology Bachelor'sTR
Business Administration Bachelor'sEN
Business Administration Bachelor'sTR
International Trade Bachelor'sEN
International Trade Bachelor'sTR
International Relations Bachelor'sEN
International Relations Bachelor'sTR
International Logistics and Transportation Bachelor'sEN
International Logistics and Transportation Bachelor'sTR
Economics and Finance Bachelor'sEN
Tourism and Hotel Management Bachelor'sEN
Tourism and Hotel Management Bachelor'sTR
Logistics and Transportation Bachelor'sTR
International Finance Bachelor'sTR
Law Bachelor'sTR
Psychological Counseling and Guidance Bachelor'sTR
English Language Teaching Bachelor'sTR
Pre-school Education Bachelor'sTR
Special Education Teaching Bachelor'sTR
Public Relations and Advertising Bachelor'sTR
Gastronomy Bachelor'sTR
Sports Management Bachelor'sTR
Pilotage Bachelor'sEN
Aviation Management Bachelor'sTR
New Media Bachelor'sTR
Management Information Systems Bachelor'sTR
Music Bachelor'sTR
Theatre Bachelor'sTR
Business Administration Master'sEN And TR
Sales and Marketing Master'sTR
Translation Studies Master'sTR
Psychology Master'sTR
Clinical Psychology Master'sTR
Local Administrations Master'sTR
International Trade Master'sTR
Logistic Management Master'sTR
Banking Master'sTR
Real Estate Finance and Valuation Master'sTR
Entrepreneurship Master'sTR
Painting Master'sTR
Education Administration and Supervision Master'sTR
Early Childhood Education Master'sTR
Fashion Design Master'sTR
Cinema & Television Master'sTR
Gastronomy Master'sTR
Sports Management Master'sTR
Music Master'sTR
Private law Master'sTR
Marketing Communication Master'sTR
Human Resource Management Master'sTR
Social and Cultural Studies Master'sTR
Computer Engineering Master'sTR
Information System and Technologies Master'sTR
Power Electronics and Clean Energy Systems Master'sEN
Advanced Electronics and Communication Technology Master'sEN
Civil Engineering Master'sTR
Occupational Health and Safety Master'sTR
Urban Renewal Master'sTR
Architecture Master'sTR
Architecture (English) Master'sEN
Engineering Management Master'sTR
Automotive Mechatronics and Intelligent Vehicles Master'sEN
Explosives Engineering Master'sTR
Nutrition and Dietetics Master'sTR
Child Development and Education Master'sTR
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Master'sTR
Nursing Master'sTR
Health Care Managament Master'sTR
Quality Management in Health Master'sTR
Sports Physiology Master'sTR
Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Master'sTR
Business Administration Doctor's DegreeEN And TR
Applied Psychology Doctor's DegreeTR
Banking Doctor's DegreeTR
Education Administration and Supervision Doctor's DegreeTR
Computer Engineering Doctor's DegreeTR
Mechatronic Engineering Doctor's DegreeEN
Architecture Doctor's DegreeEN
Management and Land Use Doctor's DegreeTR
Nutrition and Dietetics Doctor's DegreeTR
Nursing Doctor's DegreeTR
Health Care Managament Doctor's DegreeTR
Orthodontics Doctor's DegreeTR