Sabahettin Zaim University

Sabahettin Zaim University

Dear students, we would like to welcome you to our international student admissions. You are here because you are considering to be an international student at IZU. Studying in a university is not only about gaining a profession or a diploma. Your choice of university will shape you future. University will give you a worldview and mission. They are among the most important institutions that shape your life and your identity. You should consider a variety of things starting from which country to study in. You should choose a city and a location in that city. You will choose a campus where you will find accommodation. The university must be the one, which provides you with opportunities that prepares you for business.

Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, apart from guiding you in obtaining an excellent education with a great background and knowledge, uses every means available in order to help you become individuals who develop projects that are of the country’s as well as everyone’s benefits. IZU’s vision of international students is raising capable leaders for a new world.

Although our university has been founded ‘recently’, it is a long-established institution in terms of its intellectual background and experience. We are young people who will shape the future with an approach that embraces our history and culture. Our goal is to educate and train young people who are able to connect the past with the future, blend the local and the universal and build a balance between tradition and the modern in their fields. We will attain this bright future, departing from our dignified past, with leaders and scientist who have foregoing skills and attributes.


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Program Level Language Register Remove
Computer Engineering Bachelor'sTR
Architecture Bachelor'sTR
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Bachelor'sTR
Industrial Engineering Bachelor'sEN And TR
Software Engineering Bachelor'sEN And TR
Food Engineering Bachelor'sTR
Food Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Electric and Electronic Engineering Bachelor'sEN And TR
Business Administration Bachelor'sEN And TR
Economics Bachelor'sEN And TR
International Trade and Finance Bachelor'sTR
International Trade and Finance Bachelor'sEN
Islamic Economics and Finance Bachelor'sEN
Islamic Economics and Finance Bachelor'sTR
Political Science and international Relations Bachelor'sEN
Sociology Bachelor'sEN And TR
Psychology Bachelor'sTR
Psychology Bachelor'sEN
History Bachelor'sTR
Law Bachelor'sTR
Primary School Mathematics Teaching Bachelor'sTR
English Language Teaching Bachelor'sEN And TR
Preschool Teaching Bachelor'sTR
Special Education Teaching Bachelor'sTR
Primary School Teaching Bachelor'sTR
Social Work Bachelor'sTR
Nursing Bachelor'sTR
Nutrition and Dietetics Bachelor'sTR
Health Management Bachelor'sTR
Family Counseling and Education Master'sTR
Education Management Master'sTR
Philosophy and Religious Sciences Master'sTR
English Language Teaching Master'sEN
Islamic Economics and Finance Master'sEN
Business Administration Master'sEN And TR
Private law Master'sTR
Clinical Psychology Master'sTR
Spiritual Counseling and Guidance Master'sTR
Public Law Master'sTR
Health Care Managament Master'sTR
Political Science and international Relations Master'sTR
Political Science and international Relations Master'sEN
Social Work Master'sTR
Sociology Master'sTR
History and Civilization Researches Master'sTR
International Finance and Participation Banking Master'sTR
Nutrition and Dietetics Master'sTR
Computer Science and Engineering Master'sEN And TR
Computer Science and Engineering Master'sTR
Food Engineering Master'sTR
Internal Medicine Nursing Master'sTR
Occupational Health and Safety Master'sTR
Women's Health and Diseases Nursing Master'sTR
Urban Studies and Management Master'sTR
Architecture Master'sTR