Üsküdar University

Üsküdar University

Our journey started on “Technopreneurship in Health” through being the accredited representative of the “Memory Centers of America” starting in 1998 and we managed to successfully initiate Üsküdar University as a foundation University in 2011.

We, as Üsküdar University obtain 10 distinctive features ;

  • As a thematic university, specializing in the field of Behavioral Health and Sciences, we achieved to associate in “Psychology, Philosophy, Health, Genetics, and Engineering”,
  • Using the Thought Technology with our clinical experience on Neuropsychiatric and magnetic stimulation and treatment, we implement through measuring brain functions. We pioneer in progressive and new approaches which associate in “technology with mental health”,
  • Thanks to the good use of the existing technological infrastructure and the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary working capacity, increased by the incorporation of the new technologies, we strive to assert a claim as to produce knowledge “at world standards”,
  • Teaming up with one of the best academic members, who hold the patent in brain battery/neurostimulation production and the patent of schizophrenia drug as we attach great importance to R&D (Research & Development), technopreneurship, patent production through technoparks,
  • Pursuing the goal of becoming an internationally accredited world class university,
  • Conducting the socially responsible projects to foster those who share the same ideas with us for the benefit of the society’s future,
  • Providing opportunities to the students for their future professions and career plans that accelerate their participation in the labor force, through executing the “University and Hospital association” model,
  • Adopting the corporate culture that attaches importance to offer qualified graduates by embedding the philosophy of lifelong learning, customizing training options and ethical values,

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Elderly Care Services DiplomaTR
Anesthesia DiplomaTR
Audiometry DiplomaTR
Autopsy Assistantship DiplomaTR
Biomedical Device Technology DiplomaTR
Care and Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities DiplomaTR
Child Development DiplomaTR
Child Protective and Nursing Services DiplomaTR
Dental Technology DiplomaTR
Dialysis DiplomaTR
Electroneurophysiology DiplomaTR
Emergency and Disaster Management DiplomaTR
Emergency and First Aid DiplomaTR
Environmental Health DiplomaTR
Food Technology DiplomaTR
Health Information System Technics DiplomaTR
Home-Care Service DiplomaTR
Laboratory Technology DiplomaTR
Management of Health institutions DiplomaTR
Medical Documentation and Secretarial DiplomaTR
Medical Imaging Techniques DiplomaTR
Medical Laboratory DiplomaTR
Medical Promotion and Marketing DiplomaTR
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants DiplomaTR
Merchant Seaman’s Health DiplomaTR
Mouth and Dental health DiplomaTR
Nuclear Technology and Radiation Safety DiplomaTR
Operating Room Services DiplomaTR
Opticianry DiplomaTR
Orthopedic Prosthetics and Orthotics DiplomaTR
Pathology Laboratory DiplomaTR
Perfusion Techniques DiplomaTR
Pharmacy Services DiplomaTR
Physiotherapy DiplomaTR
Radiotherapy DiplomaTR
Social Safety DiplomaTR
Social Work DiplomaTR
Worker’s Health And Job Safety DiplomaTR
Medicine Bachelor'sTR
Cartoon and Animation Bachelor'sTR
Visual communication Design Bachelor'sTR
Public Relations Bachelor'sTR
Media and Communication Bachelor'sTR
Radio Television and Cinema Bachelor'sTR
Advertising Design and Communication Bachelor'sTR
New Media and Journalism Bachelor'sTR
Philosophy Bachelor'sTR
Psychology Bachelor'sEN And TR
Political Science and international Relations Bachelor'sEN And TR
Sociology Bachelor'sTR
History Bachelor'sTR
Forensic Science Bachelor'sTR
Computer Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Bioengineering Bachelor'sEN
Electronic Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Industrial Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Chemical and Biological Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Molecular Biology and Genetics Bachelor'sEN And TR
Software Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Nutrition and Dietetics Bachelor'sTR
Child Development Bachelor'sTR
Speech and Language Therapy Bachelor'sTR
Midwifery Bachelor'sTR
Occupational Therapy Bachelor'sTR
Physiotheraphy and Rehabilitation Bachelor'sTR
Nursing Bachelor'sTR
Occupational Health and Safety Bachelor'sTR
Audiology Bachelor'sTR
Orthosis and Prosthesis Bachelor'sTR
Perfusion Bachelor'sTR
Health Management Bachelor'sTR
Social Work Bachelor'sTR
Crime Prevention and Analysis Master'sTR
Crime Scene Investigations and Criminalistics Master'sTR
Crimes of Forensic Computing Master'sTR
Criminal Justice Master'sTR
Forensic Biology Master'sTR
Forensic Chemistry Master'sTR
Forensic Genetics Master'sTR
Forensic Nursing Master'sTR
Forensic Pharmacology and Toxicology Master'sTR
Forensic Psychology Master'sTR
Forensic Science Master'sTR
Addiction Counseling and Rehabilitation Master'sTR
Child Development Master'sTR
Child Health and Diseases Nursing Master'sTR
Community Mental Health Nursing Master'sTR
Health Management Master'sTR
Internal Medicine Nursing Master'sTR
Neuroscience Master'sTR
Occupational Health and Safety Master'sTR
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Master'sTR
Psychiatric Nursing Master'sTR
Social Work Master'sTR
Speech and Language Therapy Master'sTR
Women's Health and Obstetric Nursing Master'sTR
Bioengineering Master'sTR
Biotechnology Master'sTR
Computer Engineering Master'sEN And TR
Cyber Security Master'sEN And TR
Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Doctorate) Master'sEN
Molecular Biology Master'sTR
Applied Psychology Master'sTR
Clinical Psychology Master'sTR
Clinical Psychology Master'sTR
Family Counseling Master'sTR
Media and Cultural Studies Master'sTR
Neuromarketing Master'sTR
New Media and Journalism Master'sTR
Sociology Master'sTR
Sufi Culture and Literature Master'sTR
Health Management Doctor's DegreeTR
Nursing Doctor's DegreeTR
Speech and Language Therapy Doctor's DegreeTR
Molecular Neuroscience Doctor's DegreeTR
Neuroscience Doctor's DegreeTR
Occupational Health and Safety Doctor's DegreeTR
Psychology Doctor's DegreeTR
Forensic Science Doctor's DegreeTR